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DESIGN ON THE MIND: Clever Things Designed By & For Clever People & World Travelers

Designer Mr. Charles Harrison

The Viewmaster. The portable hair dryer. The riding lawn mower. The see-through measuring cup. The first garbage can that didn't dent, break or go clang in the night.

These and countless other icons of Americana unobtrusively yet radically reshaped the contours of 20th Century life -- millions can say they have one of these or fondly remember one of those. Yet few if any can say that they knew that the genius behind these and those originated from one prolific source: a dyslexic kid from rural Louisiana.

A Life's Design chronicles the life, career and the emergent philosophy of Charles "Chuck" Harrison, one the most prolific and respected industrial designers of his time, an influencer on style and design today, and a pioneer as the first African American executive ever hired by Sears Roebuck & Company.

"The range of design projects that Harrison completed in his career was quite remarkable," writes Professor Noel Mayo, Department of Design at Ohio State University. "This book will be very helpful to designers, historians, design educators and students around the world."

When I discovered this book I was floored! First because I had never heard of this man. And secondly because of the depth of his amazing work.

Mr. Harrison has in one way or another made all our lives better, and a little easier.

In the world of industrial design today he would be consider a rock star! To all of us at TURP MAGAZINE he is a living legend and a treasured icon. We celebrate him. We honor him. We lift him up. And we hold him in high regard.

For more on Mr. Charles Harrison and the book "A LIFE'S DESIGN" or to add this book to your collection and have a great coffee table piece, click on the link below.




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